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Revelations 450m Above Ground



I'm in my final year in university, and the next chapter of my life is drawing near. Looking back over the last couple of years, I feel like I've been in a slump. My studies and future have consumed almost my every thought. So, when my friend suggested going on a giant swing together, it seemed like the perfect activity to get my mind off things.

Having done flying fox as a teenager and loving it, I was eager to go on a giant swing. However, when the day arrived, I became doubtful. Sadly, it was too late to back out, we had already booked our tickets and full refunds (yes, I was anxious enough to check the refund policy) were issued only for cancellations made at least 24 hours before. With no sign of escaping, I could only brace myself for what was to come.

The Experience

Too soon for my liking, I found myself buckled into a harness, being hoisted 450m off ground. Beside me, my friend (who would later reveal to me that my arm which was interconnected with hers had begun to sweat at this point) passed comments which I was unconcerned with. My mind was only filled with dread as we went higher and higher. When we came to a stop at the peak, the staff on the ground waved a red flag, signaling us to press our chins towards our chest. Although we had agreed to do a countdown, my friend, bless her heart, forgot this and pulled the trigger, releasing us without any sort of warning whatsoever.

So, the thing about this giant swing is, unlike normal swings at the park which oscillate back and forth, when the trigger is pulled, this swing goes straight down before moving forward. You could only imagine the thoughts running through my head as we plunged towards the ground. Actually never mind, let me enlighten you. There were only two. One, just as I had feared the swing had malfunctioned and two, I was going to crash into the ground.

Well, I didn't, surprise...

Soon, we began to oscillate normally and by then, I had calmed down and started to enjoy myself. It felt as though I was flying. Dare I even say, after the first few oscillations, I was bored and ready to be rid of the harness.

I will look back fondly upon this experience, albeit with a little anxiety. Whenever I closed my eye that night, I felt as though I was falling from the peak again and even now when I rewatch the video of us on the swing, my heart skips a beat.

Final Thoughts

It's easy to get caught up in life. To the extent where my studies and future were all that mattered to me. I had lost sight of why I even cared so much in the first place. This experience had refreshed my memory. It made me remember that it was to do the things that bring me happiness, like going on the giant swing for example. I'm not saying that the giant swing cured my slump (it's a work in progress really) but it did reinvigorate me. I've since realised that it's easier to get through tough times when I experience what I'm working so hard for once in a while. Happiness has become both the reason why I work hard and the means in which I do so.

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