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Introducing My Skin

In my blog, I will be talking about my skincare journey and products I have tested but before that, I thought it would be best to give some context of my skin and my journey thus far.

Early 2020, I was not happy with my skin. Following my exams, my skin was a mess. I did not like looking at the mirror and wearing makeup made me feel like I was covering my "ugliness" rather than enhancing my beauty. Not wanting to feel this way anymore, I decided to visit a dermatologist who prescribed me medication and gave me a facial wash. Within the first month, I saw a dramatic change, and forward six months my skin was looking great. Due to this, I decided that it was time for me to stop depending on the medication and take charge of my skincare.

First, I wanted to understand my skin. I identified some characteristics my skin had and what came into my mind was 'oily'. With that, I began my search for products for oily skin. During this period, I came across a video about Fungal Acne by a Youtuber I watch. Without even looking at the mirror, I knew I had it. Those tiny bumps on my forehead had always bothered me. Immediately, I researched deeper and found an extensive blog post about everything you need to know about Fungal Acne. I felt as though I found the holy grail. It covered the causes and prevention of Fungal Acne among many other topics. There's another post on that blog that lists over 1500 Fungal Acne safe products which made me wonder what more could I have asked for.

Although there is much for me to understand and learn about my skin and skincare, this list further solidified my interest in starting my skincare journey. I began with the first facial moisturiser I have ever owned, Cerave Moisturizing Cream. Stay tuned and subscribe to my blog to find out my experience with it! For those interested in viewing the content I mentioned in this blog, the links can be found below.


Youtube Video

About Fungal Acne

Fungal Acne Safe Products

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